Email marketing has been around for a long time, but it was never as effective and sophisticated as it is nowadays. Today, it is arguably the most convenient form of communication with clients, along with being one of the most engaging, cost-effective, relevant, and timely strategies to get your marketing message all over to your prospects and clients. The fact is that email is where the business takes place. It is where the leads are being converted to clients, with more and more online deals happening.

If you are not sure why you need to send marketing emails, there are many reasons why you should focus on email marketing for real estate business.

  1. Email is personal, so you need to be more personal – Email marketing enables you to send more personal messages to your prospects and clients. Among the biggest advantages of email when it comes to marketing communications is that it will give you the capability of creating separate groups, which include splitting current clients into email groups of certain areas or interests. After that, you can send separate targeted messages to the segmented groups individually, and it is more powerful as compared to sending out a general message to the public, and it has been proven to be more effective.
  2. You can track and test email with ease – In terms of email, the power is yours. You will be able to trial different things and analyse the response in order to ensure that you would get the best results. You may spilt-test your subject line. This means you are creating 2 different emails that sell the same message and send to a test group, measuring which subject line will get the most opens. You can then choose the one to be used, based on the real results. Depending on the email provider that you have chosen to use, you have the capability of tracking the results and seeing the names of people who open your emails, along with the links that they are clicking on inside your message.

You will even be able to track those who shares your email on the social media, and who are forwarding it to friends. You will really be able to dig into the people who engage with your emails, as well as all the messages that work for you. It is a powerful information that you can use to ensure that you will really be able to get through to your audiences and help you in crafting even better emails that are going forward. All these are available from different email campaign tracking software and email providers for DIY process, but you need to have awareness that it can be complicated when you do not know how and you do not have the right tools.

  1. More people are using email – To become successful in real estate marketing, you need to go where the people are, and in terms of the sheer volume of people on email, it is huge. The number of email accounts worldwide has been expected to grow. Aside from that, the total amount of email users worldwide, which include clients and business, is also increasing. Email remains the most pervasive form of communication in the world of business, whereas the other technologies like instant messaging, social networking, mobile IM, among others have also been taking hold, and email remained as the ubiquitous form of communication in the real estate business. Aside from that, email is important to the overall online experience, given the fact that an email account is essential for signing up to any online activity, including instant messaging, social networking websites, and other kinds of account or presence online.
  2. Emails are difficult to ignore – Keep in mind that email is an actionable item, and this means that clients will need to take action in terms of your email message. If your 2 options have been read or deleted, you will have to ensure that yours will stand out from the rest of the noise. Experiment with several creative subject lines, ranging from names, clearing CTA (Call To Action), sending at various times of the day, and asking readers to do something whether it is downloading a brochure, or liking your Facebook page, or making an enquiry.
  3. Emails are offering targeted marketing – Just like making personalized email groups, you will also be able to do more targeted marketing with email. For example, you want to get investors in UK who are looking to purchase in Spain. You will be able to get your message focused on the advantages of purchasing in Spain in order to attract the right buyers and send to investors based that are based in UK. There are different ways to find out where they are based to implement this, either by getting the customers to fill in their country of residence in the form that you are using to subscribe them, or asking the email supplier that you are working with if you would be able to segment their list into countries.

It will totally depend on who you are emailing, and the information that you have on those customers, aside from their email address. The more information you have, the more you will be able to tailor your messages. It is a highly targeted marketing, and it can produce leads of high quality when you do it right.

  1. Email makes money – Email is proven money maker. However, keep in mind that just sitting up a campaign and letting it run will not cut it. You will have to invest the time to be able to appropriately understand your audience, and make sure that your offering is valuable to them. It will be helpful in identifying how you engage them through email so as to be profitable.

Email has still been the most effective and most dominant tool in terms of marketing yourself and your real estate business on the web. It is paving the way for a direct and personal connection from you to your clients, which is several powerful stuffs.