It has been a practice of many real estate businesses to adapt the template of their competitors in the local because they cannot find a greater way to make their own. Oftentimes, this is happening when both businesses are offering the same products and services to the consumers. However, when it comes to a solution for transaction management, same thing happens to the real estate agents, realtors or brokerages. Even when they have various options most of the time, they end up with something that looks identical to the things that their competitors own down the street.

Trouble is, many real estate professionals are trapped in the fact that their transaction management adapted from their competitors were effectively working so they prefer to stay on something that creates good result. This will allow them not to use any available option for the reason that they’re afraid to head to the risks the new option may bring. Why settle just for something good if you can do much with a better result. So why don’t you customize your transaction management software to acquire a look and feel that the software appears as your own brand and not adapted from any competitors. Well, we think you can with the aid of our “All-In-One Solution” because that is what most real estate agent professionals are wanting.

Recruiting Benefits

The transaction management software has just been made its major shift from ‘should have’ going to ‘must have,’ but the real estate professionals, who are independent, want flexibility. It is not astonishing that most of them are thirsty from differentiation and their blood is relying on recruitment and retention. How will the professionals of real estate compete in the marketplace if every company is providing their transaction management software platform to their agents, and if they don’t?

Prior to the Thought Leadership Survey, it illustrates how critical it is to have recruiting to the field of professionals. When they are asked about what was their “very crucial challenge for their business” that they have been facing in the industry, their initial and major response is to recruit a real estate agent: 86% of the real estate leaders in real estate industry ranked first. The same of what branding does, recruitment relies with differentiation. When the professionals are looking for any way to recognize themselves against their business competitors, they apparently don’t take any benefit by providing the same offers that someone else does.

They will get numerous advantages by delivering something different and of course, something better. That is what we can offer to real estate professionals – more than a cookie cutter solution. For real estate professionals, after reviewing the options for selecting the best transaction management solution is very vital. They may potentially solve numerous pain points in real estate field, but helping in the aspect of recruiting by providing a customized solution can be a significant competitive differentiation.

Importance of Your Branding

The top real estate executives in national level said among the competitive differentiators, it is the branding ranked in top three along with the technology and marketing tools and agent productivity. The survey had manifested that brandings outrank the lead that real estate leaders generate for their own agents and the culture of their company as the competitive differentiator.

That is the reason why we are offering different level of customization, which we clearly believe to be unique compare to other leading transactions and form management options. The brokers want to look for tools they can provide to their agents to help reflect their brandings. A brand consistency is known to be the paramount of leading real estate leaders and transaction management does not believe that only consumer products must reflect the brand of the brokerage. That is because all brokerages have their two audiences need to serve – their consumer and their agents. By providing a brand experience to an agent can be arguably significant same as providing alike for consumers. Therefore, brand consistency has to be for all, and not only for some.  

Significance of Your Independence

For the professionals of real estate business, including agents, realtors, brokers and business leaders, as the persons belong to a dignified industry, they all have legacy of becoming an independently minded business professionals. It helps permeates our own culture here at transaction management. The real estate professionals covet independence – the key factor why our industry acquires tough pillar and unique at all manner.

By recognizing this fact, we are able to offer an ability to the real estate professionals to make products of their own. Transaction management is working with the largest real estate professionals to do what needs to be done. We allow our expertise to help them create a customized transaction management software that will not only make them feel they have their own brandings, but also allow them to get a customized software to complement to the workflow that suits to their scheme. With us, you can get a higher level of leading transaction management customization product. In addition, the off-the-shelf and all-in-one solution offers are nothing as compared to others, so you are guaranteed with quality options at the cost you love.

A software as industry and not as a solution built intended for real estate needs gets it backwards. So, instead of building a product that will fit to the workflow of your customers, have a software that is built that will require your firm to change its own workflow to fit to the software. That is just one of the main benefits that transaction management can offer over other available options offered out there. We are created by professionals for professionals. Our product workflow is designed specialized for professionals and always will be for professionals. As the industry is changing, we continue to make adjustments. For our customers whom need more options of customization, our team will work together for appropriate way to allow our products to fit to address the heavy lifting and pain points they face.